Amé Cardenas Morales

Amé Cardenas, was born in Havana City Cuba, brought up in Vedado, after Elementary School he was admitted at the best Art School in Cuba: San Alejandro Academy of Fine Arts in Havana. In the 90ies he moved, like many Cubans in this "special times", to Europe, first to Barcelona in Spain, later to Dresden in Germany. Dresden is, as Barcelona, a city full of architecture, art and culture. There he worked in the fashion Industry ,as an international model and in design studios to pay his bills.

Amé Cardenas likes to work with acrylic colors,  pastell crayons, and oil. He loves bright colors which you find in the Caribbean and on Islands of the Sun. He got the chance to travel the world:  A lot to Asia (Thailand, Indonesia, Singapore and Hong Kong), to the Americas (Colombia, Brazil, USA), Africa (South Africa, Egypt) and to most countries in Western and Eastern Europe.  

He had exhibitions in galleries in Bremen, Berlin, Dresden and Görlitz. His paintings are in the collections of collectors in Spain, Switzerland, Italy, Germany, South Africa and the USA. 

His work was in the beginning inspired by the cuban life style, by street scenes, by family stories and by contradictions of the society. In the last years he was dealing with questions of sexual identity and the meaning of celebrity but always in a unique and mysterious way. His work is colourful, self critical but always full of fun and hope.

     I love make up. 50x70 Acryl on Canvas

Hold that pose.  Acryl on paperboard

All eyes on me. 48x36 Acryl on paperboard

Cross Dressing. 48x36 Acryl on paper b.

Love is Love. 48x36 Acryl on paper b.

Amor de mulato   42x59 Mixed media on paperboard

Guantanamera  42x59 Mixed media

Bemba colorá  42x59 Mixed media

Cardenas Amaryllis 

Flor de cenos

Arms Flower

I Love Yumas 70x100 soft pastels, on paperboard

La envidia. 70x100 soft pastels on paperboard

Eva. 70x100 soft pastels on paperboard

La bella bimba. 70x100 Acryl on canvas

Private artwork


Cuban Divas. 70x100 Acryl on canvas

Juana La Cubana

Nature Lover

42x59 Mixmedia on paperboard

Stylish Lover

42x59 mixmedia on paperboard

Oh! Happy Day

42x59 mixmedia on paperboard

Sex sales acylic on canvas  ( private artwork )

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